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Customer relationship for the construction industry

Optimizing business relationships with E-DEAL CRM

As you well know, whether you are a construction and public works company, an industry supplier (insulation materials, electrical,materials, etc.), or a partner (design office, architect, etc.), a tender is a lengthy, complex process involving a myriad of contacts (contractors, architects, prescribers, decision makers and influencers, institutional coordinators, private individuals, etc.)

Winning is not simply a matter of knowing the contractors and their projects, but rather a matter of managing relationships between architects, design offices, contractors, general companies, etc. By collecting all the information pertaining to each work site in one same place, E-DEAL CRM gives your prescribers and sales reps a detailed and comprehensive relational mapping.

  • Identify prescribers for each tender and contract
  • Monitor contracts: from the call for tender until the contract is awarded
  • Enhance information sharing at all levels of the organization
  • Access information from anywhere, even when at the construction site

E-DEAL CRM's answer

The key to success: identifying key contacts for each tender

Each tender involves a myriad of contacts and liaison people. From prescribers to contractors, architects, design offices… Interactions abound. It is essential that you have a global view of these interrelations and networks to win your tenders.

E-DEAL CRM provides:

  • A 360° view of the network gravitating around the contract
  • A multi-position approach for all your contacts (for example, you can specify that the Mayor of a town is also involved in the local social housing office).
  • A graphic representation of your network of contacts and their companies (design offices which are used to working with a specific architect, etc.)

A CRM solution to follow up your leadsMonitor the progress and status of a tender from the moment it is detected until it is referenced

Because it is important to concentrate all necessary efforts on winning a tender, E-DEAL CRM offers specially designed features to monitor the status and evolution of such projects:

  • Integration of data collected via external business intelligence tools (calls for tenders, public procurement, etc.) directly into the CRM
  • Search each tender per status (identified, target, pending examination, under study, processed, executed or referenced); estimated percentage of success; type of project, by environmental regulation, etc.
  • Implement automated workflows and processes: contract validation, notify colleagues of a status change, MoM templates, etc.
  • Compile dashboard and statistics on success rates with filters of your choosing.





Share information with all the stakeholders of a contract

E-DEAL CRM centralizes all available information on a given tender.

Does your regional director want to follow a specific contract? The collaborative features of the solution mean he can subscribe to feeds so that the information comes directly to him and not the other way round.

Does your Price Evaluation Team need access to all the data whereas your sales Reps only need a partial view? With our data partitioning features you can choose what information is visible by whom.

A CRM to access my contacts, even away from my officeKeep up to date and access information from you office or from the worksite

Your sales reps are often on the go or in meetings…With E-DEAL CRM all your CRM data is accessible from a tablet or a smartphone. The responsiveness of the solution ensures optimal user experience.





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