CRM Collectivities

The software for managing citizen relationships

City councils, general or regional councils, and local authorities in general address the ever-increasing demands of citizens on a daily basis. Municipalities, departments, and regions all need to enhance their reactiveness as well as the quality of their services to satisfy their citizens’ requests.

E-DEAL Collectivities was designed to help achieve those objectives by providing a comprehensive range of services which are simple to implement: e-administration, teleservices, automated processes for requests, knowledge base, citizen portal, mobility, etc.

  • Improve services provided to citizens
  • Adapt to evolving uses
  • Simplify and optimize the work of agents
  • Automate protocol management
  • Analyze and promote the quality of public service


Attentive to users

E-DEAL Collectivities lets all requests (information, requests, reports) can be grouped into one unique CRM base, regardless of the means of communication used (in person, phone, mail or digital). These requests are processed by a central desk or redistributed to the dedicated busi-ness units. The answers offered follow a pre-defined validation circuit through to signature and sending.

Key points:

  • one single database of requests
  • automatic monitoring of response times
  • simplified management of requests covering the same subject
  • a knowledge base to guide what response can be provided
  • Integration of handling processes specific to each collectivity



Online services available 24/7

The E-DEAL Collectivities portal enables citizens to access online processes easily: reports, copies of civil registrar, appointments, etc. After setting up a personal account, each user can follow the progress of these requests and answer any additional questions the collectivity may ask. Teleprocesses are automatically forwarded to the appropriate department to be processed.

Key points:

  • standard citizen portal directly integrated with the website of the collectivity
  • forms which can be freely adapted by the collectivity
  • integration in real-time with the CRM database



Simplified event coordination

E-DEAL Collectivities includes a module specifically designed to manage protocol and events. Thanks to its unique contact base of personalities and organizations, a simple targeting of the CRM base allows for precise definition of the guest list. Invitations are sent by mail or by e-mail, with the option of registering online. E-DEAL Collectivities generates follow-up documents and attendance summaries.

Key features:

  • unique p base, with management of multiple mandates
  • online registration for events
  • annual scheduling of events
  • attendance rates reporting and satisfaction surveys



Clear and useful reporting

E-DEAL Collectivities helps you understand better the expectations of your citizens, how teleservices and e-administration can work to optimize the actions undertaken by local governments. The software calculates and automatically analyzes:

  • requests by quarter, by period or by typology,
  • average request completion time
  • total number of interventions before closing a request,
  • total number of reports pending.

Key features:

  • multi-dimensional analysis of requests
  • automatic quality monitoring
  • source of data for communications published by local government




A portal to exchange easily with citizens

Via the E-DEAL Mobile portal, a citizen can report a problem, take a photo of it and geo-localize it in only a few seconds. The request is instantaneously transmitted to the collectivity for processing. The portal also provides access to newsletters and announcements about local events.

Key features:

  • user-friendly mobility solution
  • compatible with all types of smartphones or touch tablets
  • Natively connected to request management modules
  • can be integrated with the mobile site of the local government



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