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CRM Tourism & Transport

The CRM solution in order to manage your relations with travelers

E-DEAL CRM, your customer relationship solution tailored to the tourism industry

With the proliferation of on-line comparison engines, travel chat rooms, to name but a few, the tourism sector as a whole (airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, host agencies, etc.) is undergoing profound changes. Whether talking about business tourism or leisure travel, clients have more and more options to choose from. Therefore, it is paramount to know how to win them over and retain them.

Whether you sell your products yourself or via a network of distributors, E-DEAL CRM equips your teams with all necessary tools to enhance customer loyalty: better understanding them is the key to offering the right product, conducting successful targeted marketing campaigns, and process requests efficiently.

  • Understand consumer buying behavior in order to retain your clients
  • Offer the right product at the right time
  • Conduct targeted marketing campaigns
  • Provide optimal service to your clients

E-DEAL CRM's answer

A CRM to manage your marketing campaigns

Offering the right product at the right time

Attracting prospects by offering the right product at the right time is a key competitive edge. Thanks to E-DEAL CRM, you can capitalize on the customer knowledge you have built to conduct personalized, targeted marketing actions:

  • Interest management (depending on destinations, themes, etc.), based on past purchases or website visits
  • Client profiling and scoring (segmentation based on loyalty, commercial potential) included directly in the CRM





Guide the customer, from the quote to the follow-up satisfaction survey

The relationship between a travel agency and its clients is a long-term relationship. From their first visit to your agency for information through till they return from their journey, your role is to inform, reassure and be present, whether by phone, sms, mail or e-mail.

E-DEAL CRM is a multi-channel solution designed to support your representatives in their work, from contact center operators to desk agents and agency directors

  • Send news flashes, follow-up emails, offers, local information, satisfaction surveys, etc.
  • Launch processes to automate dunning processes, send travel journals, invitations…



Easily implement a loyalty program


The tourism industry has particularly demanding customers and is highly competitive. Retaining them is not always simply a matter of making the right offer at the right time. To complement your strategy, it is essential you implement a loyalty program by which clients can collect points they can later use to purchase gifts and benefits.

E-DEAL CRM has a dedicated loyalty platform which grants points in response to specific triggers, such as a purchase, after sponsoring somebody, a special offer, compensation after a claim, etc. The CRM platform lets you send automated e-mails with a summary of clients’ points, award new points after a triggering event, etc. Finally, your customers can access their points directly through their personalized portal.

Manage your customer requests with your CRM

Optimize your claim management

Handling customer requests efficiently is paramount in the tourism industry. A dissatisfied customer can make you lose ten more, and yet most of these dissatisfactions are both easy and inexpensive to solve. E-DEAL CRM will help you be attentive to the needs of your customers and will equip you with innovative tools to analyze each request and provide an optimal solution in a timely manner.

E-DEAL CRM provides a specifically-dedicated module to manage requests:

  • monitor requests: from the moment they are entered until they are solved
  • receive alerts when pre-defined response time has been exceeded
  • access a knowledge base which is shared by all your staff
  • group requests in the event of a dispute regarding a supplier or possible incidents during a trip





A CRM with integrated social networks

Analyze customer reviews on forums and social networks

The tourism and transport industries are particularly open to criticism by travelers on forums or social networks. One bad review is enough to make you lose many clients.

E-DEAL CRM offers a feature designed to monitor social networks, which also provides all necessary tools to interact with Internet users. Detect a criticism on your competing tour operator and turn it into an opportunity, identify complaints on one of your products and log it so it can be processed by your customer service, etc. E-DEAL CRM will become your best ally for successfully monitoring your e-reputation.




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