CRM sales management

The innovative CRM solution for your sales force

E-DEAL CRM, the ideal solution to boost your sales team activity

The E-DEAL CRM software provides sales forces with a comprehensive and easy-to-use toolset to fulfill their potential. Built around a single customer database, the solution provides a clear and concise 360° client view. The automatic integration of sales leads and of prospection and quote management tools helps in the daily operation of sales teams.

Our sales management solution provides a real-time view of the portfolio of offerings (challenges, opportunities) which, coupled with the features that optimize sales planning, automates customer follow-ups.

  • Win new customers and ensure their loyalty
  • Plan and organize commercial actions
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Increase sales revenue

E-DEAL CRM's answer

A CRM for salesforcesA 360° client view

E-DEAL CRM offers a clear and comprehensive view of each customer or prospect, be they a company or private individual, in the B2B (Business customers), B2C (Consumers) or B2B2C (Distribution channel) sectors:

  • Identity,
  • Marketing profile, Customer scoring, Interests and loyalty,
  • Locations, Organization chart and decision-makers,
  • Sales opportunities and business leads, Transactional and behavioral history, Sales statistics,
  • Forecasting, calendar and schedule




A CRM to follow up my sales opportunitiesPlan, forecast and follow up commercial actions

From the generation of leads through to the order, as with the identification of business opportunities through to signing, E-DEAL CRM provides an accurate picture of customer potential and sales opportunities (challenges, probability, positioning, competition, planning).

With a single click, E-DEAL CRM draws up sales projections, per month, per sales agent and per product, and helps to improve productivity through guiding sales initiatives. The result: more relevant calls and appointments for a better customer satisfaction.




Multi-channel marketing is essential to customer relations

Operational marketing is very important in the customer relationship management. And it’s made easy with E-DEAL CRM, as the solution enables users to:

  • Immediately have at their fingertips all the customer information necessary to effectively define accurate targeting
  • Segment their customer database, develop potential customers, cross-reference their targets, sample, test, communicate via multiple digital or traditional channels in parallel,
  • Monitor and analyze the results of actions.

A mobile CRME-DEAL CRM for smartphone and tablet

E-DEAL CRM supports your sales forces wherever they are: at the office, on a business trip or visiting customers. Our solution can be accessed from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone (Apple, Android, etc.).

Our CRM tool E-DEAL CRM gives your travelling sales reps absolute freedom, while also equipping your office sales reps with a complementary and critical toolset to win over and retain customers.

E-DEAL Contacts becomes a sales software! While on the go, your sales teams can:

  • access their contacts and opportunities;
  • draft visit reports immediately after meeting with a customer or prospect;
  • schedule visits;
  • access their calendar.

A salesforce CRM which covers social networksCRM over digital channels

Digital is enhancing customer relations. E-DEAL CRM enables users to take full advantage of the potential of social networks. Sales people supplement their customer knowledge by way of the “social” sphere. They discover links, explore networks, and build on areas of interest. The social networks of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., contain a wealth of rich and up-to-date information available to all.




Choosing E-DEAL CRM is to choose innovation

The E-DEAL CRM solution provides a competitive edge to your Customer Relations through its many exclusive and innovative features:

  • Advanced management of assignments and sales territories,
  • Calculation of customers’ strategic value,
  • Interpersonal and inter-company link tracking enabling the mapping of both personal and business relationships,
  • Analysis of commercial investment against customer scoring,
  • Measurement and optimization of marketing pressure,
  • Optimization of rounds,
  • A.I.: Pre-populated CRM based on uses (automatic formatting of email addresses, etc.) or rules defined by your administrator;
  • integration of the CRM solution in the Outlook messaging system for greater agility;
  • direct access to database of selling points, as well as market and competitor intelligence;
  • phonetic search to maintain a high level of data quality in the contacts database.


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