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Manage the performance of your customer service with E-DEAL CRM

In this digital era, customer service faces new challenges. It has to manage several different types of customer interaction (requests, complaints, after-sales service, etc.) coming from multiple contact channels, including social CRM, and integrate them within a single customer relations approach.

Managing complaints, requests according to a number of criteria — seriousness, criticality, customer typology, type of support contract or SLA commitments —, automated task workflow, knowledge base, queues, management and measurement tools, etc. …With E-DEAL CRM, you can do it all.

At stake are the improvement of complaint, demand and request management, consistent corporate communication, the building of a reliable customer knowledge base, etc.

  • Manage multi-channel flows
  • Customize customer relationship management
  • Measure and analyze customer service performance
  • Make customer service a new sales channel

E-DEAL CRM's answer

Manage the large variety of inflows

Telephone, e-mail, social networks, mail, etc. Whatever the contact channel used, the customer relationship management software E-DEAL CRM immediately reroutes customer requests towards the appropriate available customer service advisor.

The benefits of a multi-channel CRM software include:

  • Providing a response to customers on all contact channels,
  • Creating a rich customer knowledge base,
  • Increasing the relevance of their customer experience analysis.


A CRM for customer service and call centersCustomize customer relationship management

Because every customer is unique and needs to remain so, the customer relationship management software E-DEAL CRM aggregates all the data concerning the history of the relationship between the customer and the brand. This results in the customer service advisor having access to all of the information held on a customer, including their buying behavior (which has been tracked), and is consequently able to tailor the relationship.

A knowledge base is included in the E-DEAL CRM solution for use internally:

  • A single shared knowledge base,
  • The possibility of easily storing multimedia elements (texts, but also photos, PDF and Office documents, audio and video files, etc.),
  • An open and collaborative system,
  • A 360° client view of each customer.






Managing social networks in the customer service department

E-DEAL CRM manages customer requests made via social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) in the same way as if they were made via any other contact channel. The CRM software enables users to view messages and to reply directly in public or private mode. E-DEAL CRM detects and collates the grievances expressed by a company’s customers in digital space, even if they are not directly addressed to the company itself.

A CRM solution with KPI for customer serviceAnalyze, measure and improve

E-DEAL CRM identifies recurrent issues in order to determine the corrective actions to implement. Service quality and response time depending on the category of request (player, customer, product, range, time, etc.) are closely analyzed.


  • Measure and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to continuously improve customer service effectiveness.
  • Monitor team performance in order to implement the required corrective actions.
  • Detect areas in customer service advisor communication which create deadlocks with customers and review pitches accordingly.





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