E-DEAL CRM, the mobile CRM solution for managers

CRM Management - BI solution

The Business Intelligence integrated in CRM for managers

E-DEAL CRM: converting Big Data into Smart Data

To be able to visualize in a matter of seconds the data processed by the CRM solution is vital for supervisors, managers and directors who need to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). What for: to make the best choices in terms of team management and the company’s growth strategy.

Helping to create dashboards, simulations, geomarketing studies, etc., E-DEAL CRM provides key information for whoever needs to produce Customer Intelligence. This BI solution offers users a simple tool for producing reports and graphics and for analyzing trends.

E-DEAL CRM helps create dashboards, KPIs and reporting for sales, marketing, customer service and digital media. The BI solution enables users to easily produce their own management charts tailored to meet the needs of each department and the company as a whole with aggregated information drawn from several data sources.

  • Analyze, measure and monitor activity
  • Identify the company’s growth levers
  • Produce reports and dashboards

E-DEAL CRM's answer

a CRM for managers with KPI and reportingA simple and multi-dimensional technology

E-DEAL CRM empowers users by enabling them to easily create their key performance indicators (KPIs) and their lines of analysis. Curve graphs, charts, histograms and reports are all quickly and easily created with the BI solution.

E-DEAL CRM, the BI solution tailored to every business:

  • Simultaneous analysis of data regardless of its origin: marketing, sales, customer service, web, sales statistics
  • Analysis along different lines, for example, overall sales curve per sales representative, product, region, etc.
  • Analysis of trends in dynamic data
  • Several forms of graphical representation: tables, cross-tabulation tables, charts, ordinary or cumulative histograms, scatter plots, etc.



my mobile CRMAccess data whenever, wherever

The analyses are accessible from anywhere, whether from a workstation or via a secure mobile Internet connection.

E-DEAL CRM enables users to publish charts intended for colleagues, partners and clients with total peace of mind.



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