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E-DEAL CRM, the conversion marketing software

Marketing and communication departments need reliable tools in order to conduct their lead generation campaigns. What for: to send e-mails and analyze the impact, to build segmented databases, to be able to analyze web traffic in order to adapt the website and landing page.

Regarding business intelligence, e-mail campaigns, targeting, direct and digital marketing, event planning, media relations, telemarketing, surveys, lead nurturing, etc., E-DEAL CRM enables marketing teams to improve their productivity and performance.

  • Automate and manage marketing activities
  • Analyze digital customer behavior
  • Generate and track leads
  • Build a qualified and segmented database

E-DEAL CRM's answer

A CRM to plan your marketing actionsPlan and execute the company’s marketing strategy

E-DEAL CRM offers integral top-down management of marketing campaigns. Objectives, budget, planning, etc., the solution leaves nothing to chance. Marketing and communication teams can monitor progress towards the fulfillment of objectives and commitments. Socio-demographic testing, sampling, reusable campaign templates, etc., the solution offers users different options allowing them to work effectively on specific targets.




The best data for the best results

E-DEAL CRM provides marketing teams with dynamic and shared information databases on markets and competitors. Inputting and searching for information is made both quick and easy. External data feeds also input data automatically into these bases.

With a marketing solution, customer intelligence is both improved and shared. Marketing profiling, appeal management, loyalty-building, segmentation, etc., anything is possible!

Marketing CRMLaunching and analyzing e-mailing campaigns

With E-DEAL CRM, sending personalized e-mailings and bulk SMS is quick and simple. Thanks to our e-mailing software you can easily optimize the content of the e-mails you send by including links to your websites. Moreover, our analysis solution analyses and deciphers the behaviors of your customers and prospects.

E-DEAL CRM also handles all targeting-, routing-, subscription and unsubscription-related processes, while optimizing the digital pressure exerted on your customers.






A marketing CRM which includes social networksBoost communication via social networks

E-DEAL CRM is closely integrated with social networks, enabling users to impact the following three social aspects:

  • Assert their brand identity: the marketing solution provides tools based on Big Data technology that enable users to monitor and analyze, in real time, their e-reputation, brand image and ecosystem.
  • Identify business opportunities: the software records web data (social networks, forums, etc.) in order to supply the CRM with leads, influencers and attrition risks.
  • Boost their digital communication: with just a few easy clicks, E-DEAL CRM enables users to post comments, retweet information, etc.




Building a business repository

The E-DEAL CRM solution includes Electronic Document Management (EDM) features which allow users to share resources more effectively.

Benefits include:

  • The collaborative engineering of products
  • Accurate referencing of these products: arguments, descriptions, documentation, management of differentiated pricing catalogs, interaction with the ERP product database, competition, feedback from the field.

Fully leverage the trend-setting potential of media relations

Opinion leaders and journalists are too often overlooked in customer relationship management. The E-DEAL CRM marketing software capitalizes on information from social networks in order to build a database dedicated to trend-setters. At stake are qualification of data, segmentation, history logging, etc.

Benefits for marketing teams:

  • Targeted communication operations,
  • Tailored media and publication plans,
  • Dissemination and follow up of press releases.


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