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Donor and patron relationship at the service of your projects

Museums, non-profit organizations, foundations, higher education institutions or cultural institutions, all have one thing in common: subsidies are no longer sufficient to ensure their growth. To survive, they have to appeal for donations from private individuals and companies, all of which face increasing demands for funds.

Attracting new donors, large benefactors, private or corporate patrons, being present on all channels, raising funds in a period of global economic downturn … These are but some of the challenges that fundraisers face on a daily base.

In order to help you carry out these projects, E-DEAL CRM facilitates the development of donor, patron and sponsor knowledge, and automates your donation and fundraising campaigns.

  • Have a qualified donor database
  • Enhance fund-raising
  • Retain patrons

A donor base for museums, non-profit organizations, foundations, higher education institutions or cultural institutionsEnhancing donor knowledge

With E-DEAL CRM, you can centralize all the information pertaining to your contacts in a qualified database:

  • Database of private individuals and companies
  • Log all your interactions with your contacts: meetings, events, e-mailing campaigns
  • Log pledges and payments issued by third-party systems
  • Manage interests and sensitivities to obtain a global understanding of your donors
  • Multi-criteria segmentation of all the information in the database for occasional, regular, large donors and corporate patrons




non-profit organizations crowdfundingAutomating your campaigns and enhanced monitoring

With E-DEAL CRM, fundraisers can launch fundraising campaigns and monitor their impact.

  • Monitor contributions, donations and bequests
  • Log transactions, pre-authorized debits from third-party systems
  • Automatic generation of fiscal receipts
  • Manage counterparties



Event organization with E-DEAL CRMOptimizing event coordination and information dissemination

E-mailing, mail, events, posts on social networks… Every possible communication channel is covered. With E-DEAL CRM, organizations are present on all channels to reach their audience:

  • Send multiple newsletters based on donor interests and projects which they support
  • Organize events: send invitations and track registrations
  • Business intelligence and posts on social networks



foundation reporting kpiOptimizing investments

With E-DEAL CRM, analyzing fundraising campaigns is made easy:

  • Statistics (to assess the success of an event),
  • Dashboards to monitor all philanthropy activities and their evolution throughout the year…



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