Un CRM pour le healthcare

CRM Healthcare

CRM tailored to the needs of laboratories

Laboratories, dispatchers, heath care cooperation groupings, etc. all share the same goals: enhance sales, ensure optimal product placement of your products in stores, chemists and hospitals, follow prescriptions, analyze the profitability of your sales actions, follow patients within a very regulated environment.

E-DEAL CRM is the comprehensive and standalone solution you need.

  • Ensure consumers receive impeccable service
  • Have a 360° view of all your contacts
  • Access information even during visits
  • Launch marketing actions

A CRM for your consumer serviceProcess claims in an efficient and timely manner

There is no room for error when it comes to health care. Therefore it is imperative you react quickly whenever an incident on a product is detected. An efficient customer service which can address the requests of your consumers and provide answers as soon as possible.

E-DEAL CRM offers a module to manage such requests with:

  • a comprehensive view of all requests and records from the moment they are sent until they are solved
  • a feature to process similar requests on the fly (for defective drugs for example)
  • a shared knowledge base which all actors and customer representatives can access
  • alerts when pre-defined response time has been expired
  • compliance with CNIL directives






A global view of your professional and personal contacts

Doctors, laboratories, chemists, hospitals, health care cooperation groupings, individuals, etc. All these contacts make up the fabric of the health care industry’s ecosystem.

With E-DEAL CRM, all your data is centralized in one single database. All your interactions (meetings, events, business opportunities, etc.) are logged and you can view them at a glance. E-DEAL CRM is already adapted to your specific work environment and lets you manage your “civil” and “medical” contacts, and connect to databases such as CEGEDIM, etc.



A mobile CRM for the healthcare industry

Mobile tools for your mobile teams

E-DEAL CRM assists your medical sales reps in their visits.

They can work from their tablet, their smartphone or their PC: E-DEAL CRM’s responsive design means it is compatible with either of these devices. They can access client data, sample offers, their product catalog wherever they are.


Traveling without access to the network? Medical sales representatives can update their data offline and synchronize them whenever they can access the network again. Not having access to the network will never prevent them from carrying out their everyday tasks.



A CRM for laboratories to share targeted information and newsletters

Share targeted information with specific audiences

Has your research made progress which you would like to share with your target audience? With E-DEAL CRM, you can send targeted information based on the concerns and interests of your contacts (customized newsletters).

Are you launching a new product? Your marketing teams can segment the database to send relevant invitations to specific audiences. Registration management is made easy.



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