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E-DEAL CRM: a more responsive and efficient public service

Public companies, administrations, development agencies are all responsible for addressing the requests of their target audience: users, policyholders and constituents. What for: to address their requests in a timely and effective manner in order to enhance their satisfaction.

E-DEAL CRM provides all necessary features to help you improve the public service you provide: request traceability, e-administration, collaborative work, automated processing of enquiries, knowledge base, etc.

  • Enhance service quality
  • Modernize public service to cater for new uses and practices
  • Foster collaborative work
  • Assess public policies

E-DEAL CRM's answer

A CRM to manage the requests of your users, policyholders and constituentsGreater visibility of requests to better address them

Whether by e-mail, by phone, in person, through a web survey or social networks, E-DEAL CRM lets you manage the requests sent in by users, constituents or policy holders, regardless of the communication channel they used.

Facilitated processing, compliance with deadlines: the features of this unique solution contribute to enhancing the “customer relationship” of public companies:

  • enter and monitor pending requests
  • transfer the requests to the appropriate department
  • provide a shared knowledge base to harmonize the responses given by your advisors
  • alerts when pre-defined response time has been exceeded
  • automated processing of similar requests






Sharing information within the administration to achieve greater satisfaction

Constituents expect the same kind of efficiency from public companies than they do from private companies.

With E-DEAL CRM, your users and policyholders will not have to repeat their requests multiple times. The entire staff of the administration will have access to the same level of information: 360° view of the client, records of previous interactions, overall view of the customer relationship… Our key success factor: centralizing all the interactions between the public organization and its partners.

Of course, access rights are fully configurable. Administrations can choose to restrict access to certain data, which can be done very easily by partitioning the database.


A CRM with integrated social networks

Mobility, social networks, marketing: modernizing public organizations

Users have become mobile, and are increasingly present on social networks… Why should a public company not do the same?

With E-DEAL CRM, administrations can offer their users/policyholders a number of features to make their life easier:

  • access services at any time via an e-support portal,
  • monitor social networks to address requests or react to messages/possible criticisms in real time.

Finally, public organizations can, as is done in the private sector, develop tailored marketing strategies to share information with the general public or to measure satisfaction.



Precise indicators to optimize investments and contain costs

E-DEAL CRM provides a specially designed feature to identify and measure your most recurrent requests in order to adapt the way your teams work or automate certain tasks. With dashboards designed to monitor the evolution of your activity, you can measure the efficiency of your policy and are adequately equipped to adapt it as needed.

A CRM for citizen relationship management

E-DEAL Collectivities: citizen-driven service

Town halls, local governments, departmental and regional councils, E-DEAL offers a unique solution tailored to the needs of local governments. To enhance the satisfaction of your constituents and facilitate the work of your agents, E-DEAL Collectivities offers enhanced features to monitor requests.

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