un CRM pour gérer les demandes des locataires dans le secteur de l'immobilier

CRM for tenant requests

Tenant relationship for social housing and administrators

Enhance tenant satisfaction and improve your efficiency with E-DEAL CRM

Whether they are public (social housing offices) or private (service residences) owners, social housing landlords and building administrators have to address the many requests they receive from their tenants as efficiently and quickly as possible. Water leaks, electrical problems, an elevator which is out of order, etc. These requests need to be registered and qualified, the right authorized providers then need to be identified, the progress of the work needs to be monitored, and so on. To be available and be attentive to the needs of their tenants, social landlords need an efficient and mobile tool.

E-DEAL CRM can automate the entire cycle of processing tenant requests, and thereby gain in responsiveness and enhance the quality of service.

  • Enhancing tenant satisfaction
  • Improve the efficiency of local teams

E-DEAL CRM's answer

Tenant request managementTenant request follow-up

With E-DEAL CRM, your local teams (building managers, on-field agencies, multi-channel contact center) process the requests from their tenants in an efficient manner:

  • tenant requests and claims are registered and processed on a computer or a mobile device (tablet / smartphone)
  • all interactions (meetings, calls, work orders) between social landlords, tenants and providers are logged
  • automatic alerts are issued when pre-defined response time has been exceeded
  • a shared information database is provided to help solve issues
  • tenants can supply information directly via a web portal
  • all means of communication can be handled (phone, visits, mail, e-mail, Internet, etc.)




E-DEAL CRM, a mobile solution for tenant relations

Furthering tenant relations in the field

E-DEAL CRM is available for tablets and smartphones. Building managers enter the requests in real-time, whether they are at home or working on the estate. Thanks to E-DEAL mobile, a photo can be added to the request, an appointment can be made with the appropriate providers and these appointments can be confirmed with the tenant.

This solution is also available for PCs so that the staff from the main office, people in local governments or those in an agency will have a global view of tenant relations and provider actions.



Secured data for your tenant and estates with E-DEAL CRMComplying with CNIL directives

With E-DEAL CRM, all data regarding tenants and estates is secured:

  • data is purged on a regular basis, personal data is anonymized
  • option of including a dictionary of words which should be banned from the application
  • all data is hosted in France




KPIs to follow up your buildings activityAnalyzing data and sharing positive outcomes

With E-DEAL CRM, social landlords can generate statistics on the most recurrent requests, on request turnaround times and their evolution, by building, by provider, etc.   E-DEAL CRM generates dashboards for managers so they can communicate to the public on the quality of the service provided.



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