E-DEAL CRM, le CRM adapté au secteur de la distribution

CRM Retail

E-DEAL CRM: customer relations for the retail industry

Fostering customer loyalty by nurturing Consumer Relationships

Whether talking about retail, distribution and franchise networks, e-commerce, they are all affected by today’s digital transformation. E-commerce, click and collect, digitalized stores, showrooms or through increased mobility, are but a few of the challenges to be met in order to enhance sales and not only attract but also retain consumers with rapidly-evolving habits. In order to adapt, companies have to constantly innovate in terms of marketing, product offering and user experience. In such a context, and even more so in the retail industry, investing in a simple, innovative and most importantly agile CRM solution has become a vital requirement.

E-DEAL CRM offers all necessary tools for the implementation of a veritable system to attract and retain clients, be it in person, via your website or mobile environments, by offering a 360° view: monitor sales, loyalty programs, marketing and digital tools, customer service, etc.

Thanks to E-DEAL CRM, you can guide and optimize your client’s purchasing experience.

  • Optimize client loyalty
  • Monitor the purchasing journey in order to offer the right offer at the right time
  • Ensure consumers receive impeccable service
  • Meet your consumers wherever they are

E-DEAL CRM's answer

A CRM for retail sectorLeveraging your Customer Relationship in order to enhance consumer loyalty

  • Refined segmentation for targeted communication: with our CRM software, you can query the entire database in just a few clicks. Each individual element of the database can become a targeting criteria for unique and tailored offers!
  • Client loyalty: the E-DEAL CRM solution provides an earn and burn loyalty engine which keeps track of the loyalty points clients earn (through purchases, subscriptions to newsletters, etc.) and use (by purchasing gifts, using discounts, etc.). Enhance your client loyalty!
  • Marketing interests: by tracking clients’ experience on your website, you can easily identify their inclination for a given ranges of products. This will enable you to include them in special marketing operations on said ranges. Create tailored marketing strategies!
  • Trigger marketing: E-DEAL CRM is designed to trigger marketing actions following specific client actions, such as a purchase via the website, pr by submitting requests via the customer service, etc., or an event like a birthday or the upcoming expiry of a contract for example. Once launched, these marketing campaigns are automated and performed on a regular basis. Say the right thing at the right time!
  • Digital pressure: certain brands over-use e-mailing campaigns, thereby swamping their clients with excessive information. Others on the other hand do not communicate enough. The result is the same: muted impact and deliverability at an all time low. With E-DEAL CRM, you can manage the digital pressure you exert on each client and the software regulates the actions they are included in. Not too much, not too little. Automatically.



Access your CRM directly from your stores

More and more, store attendants have tablets to assist them in their job and they can access client data (loyalty points, claims sent to the consumer service, etc.). They will no longer need to check the CRM database on the store’s PC, they can access it throughout the store.

For those who have connection problems from their stores, E-DEAL CRM can be accessed in offline mode.


A CRM for consumer serviceMake your consumer service a driver of growth

Because unsatisfied consumers are quick to talk about it, it is imperative their claims are dealt with promptly. The consumer service should provide a swift response or resolution.

  • View all logs of consumer claims
  • Sort claims per product in order to perform marketing analysis
  • A shared and comprehensive knowledge base, accessible by all
  • Alerts when pre-defined response times have been exceeded
  • Full compliance with CNIL regulations (anonymization of personal data)
  • Supports social networks and blogs





A CRM with social networks for retail

Talk to your consumers, wherever they are

Your consumers are on social Networks, share their experiences on forums, sometimes becoming influencers.

With E-DEAL CRM you can monitor these virtual platforms to detect consumers who complain about your products (and process them as a claim), identify those who complain about competitors and their products (and turn it into an opportunity) and finally, identify influencers (and include them in specific marketing actions: send samples, products for testing, etc.).




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