CM – CIC Market Solutions optimizes marketing pressure with E-DEAL

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Montrouge, October 15, 2014 – The investment arm of Crédit Mutuel – CIC chose E-DEAL CRM to manage the marketing pressure exerted on its priority clients and to foster commercial synergies.

CM-CIC Market Solutions choisit E-DEAL CRM

Marketing pressure: a delicate balance…

Today, the proliferation of communication channels available to companies to help them reach their target audience (mail, e-mail, SMS, phone calls, face-to-face interactions, etc.) often leads to some being approached too often while others are not contacted enough. Marketing strategies must take account of the marketing pressure exerted on each customer and prospect in order to find the right balance and define an optimal communication level adapted to each individual contact.

To measure this marketing pressure, two elements must be taken into account: the communication channel used (a face-to-face meeting will have more impact than an e-mail) and the time elapsed since your last interaction with this company (a client will remember a phone call received yesterday, but less so a phone call received last year).

Measuring marketing pressure will help you find the right balance in the ensuing marketing actions, thereby ensuring the client is always optimally receptive to the brand.

« A quality measurement tool of marketing pressure that helps us constantly adapt our service offering »

With E-DEAL CRM, CM – CIC Securities wanted to measure the marketing pressure exerted on its priority clients. In order to do so, each type of interactions that CM-CIC Securities has with its contacts was awarded a specific score: a phone call with a sales rep or an analyst is worth 1 point whereas a meeting will be worth 3. This calculation then enables the company to fine tune its actions, thereby fostering commercial synergies. Today, our users are satisfied with the solution because it gives them a comprehensive view of each of their clients. Being able to measure marketing pressure is a highly appreciated feature as it helps them fine tune the way they manage their customer relationships.

« Our activity is primarily based on advising our clients, as such we have to be in regular contact with them. If one of our clients stays too long without hearing from us, the sales rep in charge of this account receives an alert encouraging him/her to contact this client to offer some advice. This CRM solution helps us constantly adapt our service offering and ensure optimal client care », underlines Gülhan TURHAN LONSDALE, E-DEAL CRM Project Manager for CM –CIC Securities.


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