Our vision

The experience that any piece of CRM software is able to offer clients is a key performance lever. This is why we designed E-DEAL CRM in a way that combines the flexibility of a tailored solution with the robustness and responsiveness of a software package.

E-DEAL CRM is Customer Relationship software that can easily be adapted to the core business of each company, and most importantly to each individual user within a company. It combines the agility needed to help the company in its constant evolutions with the robustness needed to handle the GRC of a work group, such as companies with more than 10,000 users.

Today, E-DEAL CRM has over 90,000 daily users in 26 countries, and has the highest buy-in rate of the entire market. When it comes to CRM, there is no secret: the quality of our CRM software and our dedication to meeting our commitments are the keys to our success, with a growth rate which is twice as good as that of our primary competitors, and three times greater than the market in general.

Innovation, simplicity, openness

To improve your customer relationship in the long-term, E-DEAL designs its CRM software packages with three specific goals: innovation, simplicity and openness.

  • Innovation: E-DEAL has one of the strongest R&D rates in the market. This constant commitment to innovation means our users can constantly benefit from “up-to-date” tools, thereby enhancing their competitive advantages, and regularly places us at the top of many technical benchmarks.
  • Simplicity: In order to be efficient, a CRM software must be simple and straight-forward. Thanks to our work on Software ergonomics, we can provide a faster and more intuitive access to information. Users can “save time” and this has a direct impact on data quality.
  • Openness: Technology evolves too fast for us to lock ourselves into a specific environment. All our software is compatible with all standard market environments (servers, databases, ERP…) so as to guarantee your freedom as well as the value of your investments.

Imagining together the Customer Relationship of the future

The policy of E-DEAL has always been to pursue active joint-development in collaboration with its clients:

  • Every year, the E-DEAL CRM User Club brings together a large number of its clients to provide sharing of experiences, with expert speakers and most importantly to offer “co-development” workshops where all can express their expectations: E-DEAL is committed to including 30% of these requests in its standard Roadmap.
  • Targeted actions with a group of clients who share a common dynamic (consular organizations, collectivities, etc.). Under the responsibility of an E-DEAL Market Manager, clients participate in the development of innovative operational features and guide the evolution of the product.