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Customer service management

Customer service  is but one of many components or tools of customer loyalty: it is the key to effective customer retention. In a world that is becoming evermore competitive, prospecting consumers for market share is harder than ever. This is why companies need to be thorough in minimizing their customer attrition rate, – in other words, to stop losing their customers to the competition.

To address all these new challenges, we hope to offer through this Blog a knowledge base that will help you improve your customer service to meet the challenges of today. Currently, the key operative word regarding customer relationship management is: experience.

Customer experience is what will help you retain – or on the contrary that could make you lose – customers. Customer experience is no longer limited to the simple act of purchase. It must be thoroughly thought out and orchestrated, both before and after the purchase. With E-DEAL CRM, you will stay abreast of the latest innovations in terms of UX or customer relationship tools.