ASP improves its Customer Relation with E-DEAL CRM

ASP is France’s fifth largest-approved apprenticeship tax collecting organization. This non-profit organization, established under the French law of 1901, was founded to develop the relations between schools and firms, and to promote and finance education programs, be they technical, initial, higher-education or apprenticeship programs. ASP works with more than 500 Catholic private partner schools and CFAs throughout the national territory. ASP represents a total of 200,000 pupils, students and apprentices. In 2013, 39,384 companies, from SMEs to large corporations, chose to lodge their apprenticeship tax with ASP.

The primary goal of ASP is to centralize all available data in one comprehensive tool in order to optimize the management of its customer relationships. Each action and interaction is logged, irrespective of the channel used (meeting, telephone, etc.) to ensure the best possible service to clients and prospects. Marketing events will also be managed directly through the solution (invitations, newsletters, e-mailings, etc.). Finally, managers can easily generate activity reports of all the actions conducted by their teams. Ultimately, the solution will be extended to the entire network of its member educational institutions.