Grenoble takes care of its citizen Relations with E-DEAL Collectivities

The third-largest municipality of the Rhône-Alpes and Saint-Étienne region, Grenoble provides multiple channels and contact points for its constituents (public offices, phone, mail, e-mail, fax, tele-services) which co-existed but lacked an overarching approach. Over the last couple of years, the City has implemented a number of tools aimed at structuring their relations with their users: a telephone service, a tool to manage queues for the physical reception of visitors, a website with user accounts to access personalized on-line services and information, a knowledge base, a multi-channel platform to manage registration applications (school, school canteen, sports, extra-curricular activities) and invoicing (study trips, extra-curricular activities).

Following a call for tender, Grenoble chose E-DEAL Collectivities as its CRM management solution, a choice motivated by its features enabling the follow-up and monitoring of incoming requests regardless of the channel used. E-DEAL Collectivities is interfaced with the city’s website, database and mail tools. Ultimately, the solution will replace them. E-DEAL Collectivities will help Grenoble improve the quality of the solutions provided in response to queries and requests expressed by its constituents, and will pool services thereby enhancing the joint organization of municipal services. It will also help the city achieve efficiency gains in times in which collectivities have to grapple with severe financial limitations.