Rhône-Alpes Tourisme chooses E-DEAL CRM

Rhône-Alpes Tourisme is a French association established under the French law of 1901. Its goal is to promote the tourism of the Rhône-Alpes region in France and abroad.

Rhône-Alpes Tourisme chose E-DEAL CRM to support the management of its partner relationships. The goal of Rhône-Alpes Tourisme is to centralize data in a single, comprehensive tool in order to foster information sharing, to log client interactions, to automate certain marketing actions (e-mail campaigns, segment data) and develop the Corporate Social Responsibility network internally. With E-DEAL KPI, these actions will be monitored and their impact will be fully measured. Finally, all employees can access the mobile version of the CRM on the go, from their Androïd phones or iPhones, thanks to E-DEAL CONTACTS.