Météo France equips its sales representatives with E-DEAL CRM

Météo-France is a scientific and technical organization whose activities range from weather forecast to research into climate evolutions. The Météo-France teams are present in mainland France and its overseas regions and territories. Their role is to analyze the atmosphere, the snow cover and the ocean’s surface 24/7.

Météo-France supports a number of companies from a wide range of business sectors —such as aviation, health care, environment, defense or agriculture, construction, transport, local governments, etc.— by providing weather analyses adapted to their needs.

E-DEAL CRM was chosen to renew existing business tools, and is now used by Météo-France’s 95 sales representatives. Above and beyond the flexibility of the software which enables a high level of operational flexibility, E-DEAL CRM was able to adapt to the strong technical constraints inherent to the company’s activity. E-DEAL implemented a global solution, thereby offering a 360° view of its clients, and supports its sales (calendars, visit reports, opportunities, etc.) and marketing (product catalog, sales conditions, etc.) activities in a unified manner; and facilitates decision-making thanks to dashboards, reporting and monitoring tools.