The Palace of Versailles manages its patrons relations with E-DEAL CRM

The Palace of Versailles and its Estate are among the finest treasures bequeathed by the history of France to our universal artistic heritage. However, both require permanent restoration and embellishment works, while new acquisitions and a varied program of cultural events continually enrich the experience of visitors. In order to finance its numerous restoration projects, enrich existing collections and support the program of cultural activities and events, the Palace of Versailles requires donations and patronage.

To manage its philanthropy activities, the Palace of Versailles chose E-DEAL CRM. Its Philanthropy and Public Relations teams now all work from a single database which combines all available data on companies, foundations, associations, local government bodies and individuals. E-DEAL CRM helps them monitor all the actions carried out vis-à-vis their patrons and access all past interactions. E-DEAL CRM also optimizes its recruitment actions thereby helping them identify new leads and facilitates the management of marketing campaigns (event coordination, mailings, phone campaigns, etc.). Finally, the E-DEAL KPI module allows for easy financial and operational reporting.