The RATP manages its customer service with E-DEAL CRM

The world’s fifth-largest urban public transport operator, the RATP Group (Paris transport authority) is present in all key segments of collective mobility.

Every day, the RATP Group ensures the mobility of more than 12 million people in France and throughout the world.

A historic figure of Paris and always associated with Paris’ century-old metro, each day it demonstrates its ability to capitalize on, develop and modernize one of the largest multi-modal networks (bus, métro, RER, tramway) worldwide, with more than 3 billion trips per year.

With a view to modernizing and redefining its remote customer relationship services, the RATP Group chose E-DEAL for its global and unified platform in Saas mode. This is to be the cornerstone of its scalable, multi-channel strategy, based on an intuitive and customizable solution which meets the Group’s technical and operational quality criteria.