The RSI chooses E-DEAL for its customer relationship management

The RSI chose E-DEAL to support the management of its customer relations. The RSI is responsible for the mandatory social protection of independent business owners, both in activity and retired (craftsmen, industrial, sales and liberal professions) and their dependents: sickness-maternity, social and health care prevention and action for all, pension, disability-death and daily allowance for craftsmen, manufacturers, freelancers and tradesmen.

It covers 10 billion personal social contributions, with 2.8 million contributors, and pays €7.4 billion in sickness benefits and €8.6 billion to 2 million pensioners.

Governed by 942 representatives elected by its policy holders, the RSI is made up of a national fund and 35 regional funds, where 5,500 agents work to serve 6.1 million policy holders.

The RSI has a continued commitment to improve the quality of the services it provides to policy holders and to simplify interactions and contact modalities with the mandatory social protection regime. In order to reach these goals, it implemented a Customer Relationship Management Software for its operators, in order to develop a consulting approach, structured around a global and personalized service offering. This tool will harmonize the way requests are processed, regardless of the communication channel (phone, physical reception, e-mail, mail, etc.) and will foster the dissemination of all appropriate information to provide the right answers for each situation.

After an initial call for tender, RSI chose E-DEAL CRM. The implementation of the solution was entrusted to UMANIS, one of E-DEAL’s certified integrators.