A comprehensive and modular solution

The E-DEAL CRM solution adopts an approach based on independent and complementary modules, aiming to enable the building of a solution adapted to meet the needs of each company. From managing sales forces and marketing efforts through to customer services, E-DEAL offers you a flexible and scalable solution.

E-DEAL CRM is composed of modules that are independent from one another, each dedicated to one aspect of customer relationship management: sales, marketing & communication, contact centers, customer service, business intelligence… They can be implemented gradually, as and when required by the company.

Modularity: tangible benefits

The modular and complementary nature of the different features of E-DEAL CRM facilitates the building of a scalable CRM solution, adapted to meet the needs and objectives of each company. Another benefit is that the solution’s features can be implemented gradually in line with the company’s needs.

E-DEAL CRM’s modules are flexible, open and interoperable. They provide an appropriate solution to the CRM issues faced by companies irrespective of their organization – Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Retail (B2B2C) – or their nature, be they multisite, multilingual or multicurrrency.

E-DEAL CRM, a comprehensive solution

E-DEAL CRM makes it possible to fully manage the entire customer relationship – before, during and after the sale. It thus incorporates the following three key stages:

  • Automated sales force processes (creation of a customer/prospect database, planning and monitoring of commercial action, follow-ups, etc.),
  • Customer support (enquiries and requests are received by the contact centers, complaint follow-up, etc.),
  • Targeted and multi-channel marketing campaigns (traditional mail, e-mail, web, telephone, SMS, social networks, etc.).