3D Custom

Thanks to the 3D Custom technology developed by E-DEAL, it is now possible for users to customize the CRM tool according to their needs for a tailored Customer Relationships. Among the many benefits is the quick and easy adoption of the software.

Because the success of a CRM tool rests on its adoption by users, E-DEAL has developed the exclusive configuration technology: 3D Custom. The roles and needs of the different departments within a company, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, are not the same. With E-DEAL CRM, users share the same tool and access the same customer data, while enjoying their own individual user experience. A winning bet: it takes less than two weeks to adopt the CRM solution.

Versatile and customizable CRM

E-DEAL CRM adapts to meet the needs of all users:

  • Data: The CRM solution relies on a fully customizable data template which accurately reflects the activity, vocabulary and habits of users, whatever the type of Customer Relationship, be it B2B, B2C, B2B2C, multi-sector, etc.
  • Processes: E-DEAL CRM’s navigation and menus adapt to suit all users’
  • Look & feel or user experience: The solution’s screens optimize how information is displayed by adapting to the habits of each user and the requirements of each company.

Benefits of 3D Custom

The benefits of customized CRM are twofold: better data quality and increased productivity. By providing users with screens that echo their processes and vocabulary, E-DEAL CRM reduces both the level of disruption and the adoption period whilst increasing productivity.

Taking ownership of a Customer Relationship Management software

Three factors characterize the adoption of a CRM solution:

  • Level of disruption (loss of productivity following the installation of a new system). With E-DEAL CRM, there is a loss of between 5 and 10%.
  • Adoption period (the time necessary for productivity to return to its pre-installation level). With E-DEAL CRM, it takes less than 2 weeks.
  • Productivity: (measured once the solution is up and running). With E-DEAL CRM, the gain in productivity often hovers around 30%.