A responsive solution

A mobile CRM software accessible via smartphone, tablet and laptop, E-DEAL CRM incorporates responsive technology. The software’s ergonomics adapt automatically to the terminal used without sacrificing features. Both roaming and mobile users retain full access to your CRM system.

Built from the ground up on web technologies, E-DEAL CRM delivers all the power of a CRM, regardless of how users choose to connect – be they physically on-company premises or located anywhere else in the world. Access remains secure, whether the employee uses a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The E-DEAL motto: provide permanent optimal access to “ATAWAD” (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device) CRM.

Mobility, a key differentiating factor

In a highly competitive world, being able to access customer relationship management tools from a mobile terminal has become essential. Every day, sales people are discovering that being able to produce a quote on the fly from their tablet whilst still with the client, enables them to stand out from the competition.

A responsive CRM, mobile applications, etc., E-DEAL has turned the mobility of its CRM tool into a must and a focus of innovation.

App Store, Google Play, available everywhere

For your mobile teams, your nomadic sales forces, your roaming users, E-DEAL Contacts is available in both the iOS and Android app stores. A simple mobile CRM application that provides you access to the key elements of customer knowledge via your smartphone.