On-premise or SaaS

E-DEAL allows you the freedom to choose between buying licenses or renting software accord-ing to usage. With its CRM solution available both on-premise (in self-hosted mode) and in the Cloud (in SaaS mode), customers choose whichever option suits them best.

Whether in the Cloud or on-premise, E-DEAL’s unique software offers the same features, open-ness and capacity for integration. Every customer is free to choose and change options.

On-premise CRM: what does this entail?

In opting for the on-premise mode, a company buys the right to use the software licenses and benefits from the corrective and scalable maintenance of its CRM solution:

  • support service available
  • warranty extension
  • regular software updates available

Cloud CRM for customized service

Having a CRM in the Cloud allows companies to benefit from a complete and comprehensive solution via a commitment-free quarterly subscription.

Note that in the SaaS option, the E-DEAL CRM benefits from an uptime commitment. The CRM’s data is stored in France (in accordance with the directives of the French data protection authority, the CNIL).