Our technological partners

At E-DEAL, we believe that to be effective and sustainable, customer relationships must be innovative, open and scalable. What for: to increase the added value of the company’s investments.

We have designed the E-DEAL CRM software to be “pluggable” so as to enable you to easily connect it with the other features of your customer relationship management system: CTI (telephony), social networks, data quality, directories, ERP (management software), e-mail and SMS routers, etc.

To this end, E-DEAL CRM integrates, as standard, an extensive API library, many web services and connectors to the leading technological solutions on the market.

Telephony, hosting, business intelligence, social CRM and RSPV (Restructuring, Standardization and Postal Validation), E-DEAL has partnered with leading players in order to offer companies a comprehensive and effective CRM solution.


For a digital CRM

digital CRM with Focusmatic

digital CRM with Hootsuite

digital CRM with iAdvize

For a multichannel CRM

multichannel CRM with Algoria

multichannel CRM with Conecteo

multichannel CRM with isi-Com

Data providers

High-quality data for your CRM with Amabis

High-quality data for your CRM with Corporama

Message delivery

Delivery for your CRM solution with MailJet

Delivery for your CRM solution with Netmessage

Delivery for your CRM solution with Splio

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for my CRM solution


Hosting for your CRM with HISI