Our integrators E-DEAL CRM

At E-DEAL we believe it is important to let our clients decide how they want to implement their CRM projects. You are free to choose whichever solution best meets your needs: self-integration, integration entrusted to E-DEAL or performed by one of our certified integrators. Our goal: offer a CRM solution which is fully tailored to your needs.

Several integrators have been certified and they can offer support in the development and settings of your E-DEAL CRM solution. Every year, they are trained to each new release, and they have a sound understanding of our solutions.

E-DEAL stays involved in each project thanks to the Editor Support days. This approach ensures integrators too receive support every step of the way until your project goes live.

If you are already working with an integrator and wish to continue working with them for your CRM project, all they need to do is follow one of the training sessions provided by E-DEAL to become one of our certified integrators and assist you in your project.

If you are an IT services company and are interested in working with the E-DEAL CRM technologies, contact us, there is always room for new partners.