Beyond the CRM software

Our services for a succesfull CRM project

Far more than offering a simple CRM software, E-DEAL provides a comprehensive range of consulting services to support the digital evolution of your company

The success of a Customer Relationship project depends not only on the CRM software. This is why E-DEAL offers a comprehensive range of counseling services. Our CRM consultants, our technical experts, our training facilitators, our specialists in change management or data quality, our legal consultants and many more work by your side to help you guide the digital transformation of your company.
A catalog of services for each step of your CRM project

A catalog of services for each step of your CRM project

In order to be successful, a CRM project has to call on a wide range of expertise:

  • Change management, to guide users through the transition to another system and a new organization
  • Legal, to ensure you comply with CNIL regulations
  • Technological, for a harmonious integration within your IS and to optimize the CRM infrastructure
  • Security, to ensure the confidentiality of your CRM information
  • Training, to ensure an optimal use of all the CRM tools
  • Operational Consulting to translate business challenges in an optimal way and make our CRM the cornerstone of your strategy.
  • As well as more specialized expertise: deliverability, presence on social networks, digital transformation, serious games, etc.

E-DEAL teams put their know-how and expertise at your service to assist you at every step of your CRM project, to assist you in the evolution of your Customer Relationships.

Tailored, CRM-specific training

Tailored, CRM-specific training

Training is not simply a matter of sharing knowledge about a CRM product. It is first and foremost a matter of making sure that each individual user knows how to exploit fully all the features of their CRM software in their daily activities. Our training offer is available either as inter-company (in our offices), or intra-company (in your offices).

In addition, E-DEAL also hosts thematic Webinars accessible to all, as well as Serious Games to help you manage the transition smoothly.

E-DEAL is a certified training organization, which means that the training we provide can be financed through your annual training budget.

Change management fully integrated within your project approach

Change management fully integrated within your project approach

Because of the nature of CRM users (diversity of sectors, low oversight capacity, etc.) and the type of information processed, change management for CRM projects is as difficult as it is necessary. It is a key success factor. There are key three dimensions to good change management:

  • the tool,
  • the method
  • and the guidance.

E-DEAL embraces all of them. Change management is constant and begins the moment you launch your project. E-DEAL consultants will accompany you not just for implementation of the CRM tool, but also to offer their support and advice on all aspects of customer relationships.

Tailored assistance

Tailored assistance

E-DEAL designed a user-friendly CRM to enable everyone to choose the type of implementation that best suits their needs: direct integration by customer IT teams, by a certified integrator or by E-DEAL’s professional services teams. For each of these configurations, E-DEAL offers tailored assistance.

  • Do you want to auto-integrate your CRM solution? E-DEAL will train your IT teams and certify your administrators. Experts will guide you and the support team then assists you in the continuation of your Customer Relationship project.
  • Are you already working with an integrator?
    And you want to continue for your CRM project? E-DEAL also offers training sessions and publisher support package for your integrator.
  • Do you want the support of E-DEAL solutions professionals?
    We will help you to roll out your CRM project yourself.

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