E-DEAL CRM Winter 2015…Make way for cross-channel marketing

E-DEAL CRM, la solution pour un marketing cross canal

Montrouge, March 1, 2015 – Resolutely cross-channel marketing oriented, Winter 2015 revitalizes companies’ marketing strategies by offering new tools for marketing campaigns.

Digital pressure

E-DEAL CRM, la solution qui permet de mesurer la pression digitale

Digital pressure is a new scoring measure to assess pressure exerted on targets by digital campaigns. Goal: avoid marketing overpressure!

Loyalty program

Based on an “earn and burn” score calculation method, from now on the MARKETING module offers features to define a veritable strategy to win back your clients!

Tailored marketing channels

New features include marketing channel eligibility and preferred medium, to help campaign coordinators select the best communication channel to reach their target.


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