Espacil Habitat chooses E-DEAL CRM for its Customer Relations

Espacil Habitat currently manages more than 20,000 social housing units in more than 250 towns in France (Brittany, Pays de la Loire and the Paris Region). Its local-based organization fosters direct contact with tenants, who have a preferred contact person: the property manager, who is in charge of approximately 900 units. However, Espacil Habitat wanted all its employees to be able to address each tenant request efficiently.

For its CRM project, Espacil Habitat chose E-DEAL CRM for its ability to ensure the quality of the entire life cycle of a request: reception, analysis and adapted answer (be it immediately or passed on to the relevant department) regardless of the status of the Espacil Habitat employee (reception at the agency, the headquarters, visit of an Espacil Habitat, meeting with an account manager, collection agent, etc.) regardless of the channel used (physical reception, phone, e-mails, mails or on-line forms).

With E-DEAL CRM, Espacil Habitat will gain a better understanding and knowledge of its clients (a log of past interactions between the client and Espacil Habitat, traceability, optimized follow-up and handling of requests or claims) in order to guarantee the utmost quality of its service. E-DEAL CRM will shorten turnaround times and they will be able to commit to a certain standard of quality (SLA). Finally, its communication actions will be more consistent and standardized, thanks to its template mails and e-mails.