Merck group manages its multichannel customer service with E-DEAL CRM

Merck is a leading pharmaceutical and chemical company which employs 40,000 people in 67 countries.

Merck Medication Familiale is a French branch of the Merck group. It belongs to “Consumer Healthcare” Division, which is responsible for developing and marketing the group’s self-medication products. The company has a sound expertise in the field of dietary supplements, herbal medicine and consumer products which it distributes via pharmacies.

Merck Medication Familiale chose E-DEAL SERVICE for the overhaul of its medical information service and its evolution towards a more advanced Consumer Service. The project scope covered an extensive range of elements: medical information for all supported population types (consumers, chemists; health care professionals, etc.) and direct exchanges with final consumers, regardless of the channel (phone, e-mail, mail, etc.). This project went hand in hand with the implementation of a knowledge base to capitalize on existing knowledge and know-how.